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I just returned from our San Diego Polymer Clay Guild Retreat, Sandy Camp 13.  Meet 73 of the most fun and most talented clay artists there are:

Happy 4th of July!

I'm having a massive clay weekend, got lots of deadlines and projects to do.  But I wanted to get this posted for you.  It has such a nice summery feel to it. 

Here is the link to the project:

 Matrixed Turquoise Bracelets




Food and Jewels party recipes

There is a new photo tutorial on the Photo Tips page!!



Oddly enough, Winter in SoCal means MORE sunshine and incredible sunsets.  Yep, these can be our most beautiful months of the year.  I've posted some of the most recent sunsets on the next page, as well as new photos of the boys!!

Koji Graduates!

I spent my Thanksgiving vacation photographing some silver jewelry for a friend.  I had a BLAST working on a TV tray in my patio and selecting various leaves, flowers and even seaweed as backgrounds.  The jewelry is fantastic - the webpage is

I've put a couple of the images on this page for you to see just what you can do with a point-and-shoot  digital camera, a piece of seaweed and a TV tray.  Silver by the Sea images on the Photo Tips page.

See more tips on photographing silver jewelry click here!!

Tahichi has made it half-way through his second year at the Air Force Academy!  Here are some pics from our Parent's Weekend 2007.




As most of you know, I don't work for Sculpey anymore.  I am still singing the praises of the Clay Factory Inc., so in the coming days you will probably see lots more wire and non-clay articles from me.  Of course, I'm still writing for Photoshop Elements Techniques and Coatings Pro.

I've just completed a magazine bibliography -it's scary - I didn't realize I was so old!

Yes! I'm still here!!!  First up, this is how we typically spend Christmas in S. Calif:

That's my boys goofing off after Tahichi did his 4 mile run.  He was home from the Academy for about 2-1/2 weeks - just enough time to feel like a civilian again!  Here's his yearbook photo and a photo of Koji at the beach (of course!):

What magazines have my articles this month?

Somerset Studio Winter Gallery has some of my photo cards.  This is a lush, plush issue if you haven't seen it!

Polymer Cafe has the first of my photo articles in their Winter 06/07 issue.

 I am also writing for Photoshop Elements Techniques now.  Another article is due there soon.

I have upcoming articles in Belle Armoire (Golden bamboo and caged beads), Step-by-Step Beads (Shipwreck necklace) and Step-by-Step Wire (faux beach glass bracelet).



Summer is here and I'm betting you've got TONS of digital images.  Here's a quick tutorial for "swapping skies".


June 25, 2006

Photos of Tahichi's Air Force Academy experience.  For those of you following along, I'll post the newer pics at the front of the gallery.  New photos added from In Processing and the Swearing In

Photos of Parent's Weekend are available!

CHA is over and I can play with my webpage again!  I've just added a gallery of bracelets.. many have been published or used on television. 



Links to my polymer clay projects on other webpages

and...make these photo bracelets with my exclusive tutorial!


Want a great Summer slimming tip?  Use my Photoshop slimming trick!

My book, Polymer Clay For the First Time is about to come out in the paperback edition!  Amazon is taking orders for it now at $9.95.




Father's Day is almost here! And what do you get that Dad who-has-everything?

EASY!  Make him a set of custom poker chips!

Log onto the Sculpey website for the super-easy directions.


Check out the Jacquard Forums discussion group pages at:

There's even one for Jacquard Products and polymer clay, moderated by me!